Our NEW Disciple Training Program will be starting soon!

Shifu Guolin is excited to introduce a new Disciple Training program.  This program is designed to fulfill the mission of the Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters.  That is, to teach the complete Shaolin inherited     principles, to offer accurate and detailed training based on those principles, and to empower the student   to teach others what s/he has learned.  In this program, the participant will learn Yi Jin Jing on multiple.       levels, Chan Yuan practices (Zen circles), single-movement practices, Shaolin taichi, and                         meditation practices.                                                                                                                                    
The program runs the course of one year, 3 hours each week.  Shifu Guolin is planning on delivering the.   bulk of the training online and convening for training in person at scheduled intervals.  At the end of the.     program/training, the student may apply for certification to teach Level 1 Qigong classes. Students.           choosing to continue (subsequent years) may apply for higher level teaching certification.  Tuition for this   program is $3000 to be paid in full.  (Contact administrator if you are unable to make a one payment.)        
This program is for serious practitioners who are interested in shortening their path to self-mastery.             
Please let us know which time block is best for you: Sat 10am-1pm, Sat 1:00pm-4:00pm, Sun 10am-1:00pm or Sun 1:00pm-4:00pm.  Please submit your time preference, suggestions and questions by emailing us at admin@ShaolinOverseas.com.  Thank you very much.  We wish all of you a wonderful summer! 

Our 2020 Retreat 

Nov 13th-15th at Eastover in Lenox, MA. (Stay tuned for further details)

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