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7-week Meditation, 7;00-8am (Start when you want)

Every morning for 7 consecutive weeks, you will train yourself to be aware of the present moment.  Shifu Guolin uses a combination of static and dynamic methods to direct your awareness.  He will begin with warm up and transition into meditation stretches/circles.  He may incorporate some qigong movements to adjust your qi, facilitate the removal of qi blockages, align your skeletal structure, as well as harness more qi in your body.  After the moving meditation, he will lead the group into the sitting meditation.  Whether you're moving or sitting still, you are still cultivating your awareness and training your mind.  At the end of the session, Shifu Guolin will lead participants through the wind down routine.  Afterwards, the students will have an opportunity to have their questions answered by Shifu Guolin.  During this training series, you will encounter problems that are physical, mental, and/or spiritual in nature.  It is only your awareness of the present moment that will allow you to notice the problem, analyze the problem, and discover the cause of the problem.  This training, over time, will enable you to apply this awareness of the present moment to problems you encounter in life.                                                                         For more information, please call/text Anna Lee at 917-440-7367 or  email                    

Fee: $490 payable to via or by check made payable to The Society of Shaolin Temple, Inc. and mail to 14 Wooded Dr, Dix Hills, NY 11746

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