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Meihua Zhuang - The Poles of Plum Blossom by Shifu Guolin

1. What is Meihua Zhuang Practice?

Meihua Zhuang is a training method that uses either ground markings or logs driven into the ground, arranged in a pattern resembling that of plum blossom petals. The pattern is based on traditional Chinese theory of ying-yang and five elements. You can either train your footwork on top of the logs, or circle around them with varying hand movements.

2. Health Benefits of Meihua Zhuang

There is an old saying that aging starts with weakening of legs and feet. According to traditional Chinese medicine, six meridians (energy pathways) run through human legs. They include three ying meridians and three yang ones. More than sixty meridian points reside on feet. Feet have reflex areas and points connected to all parts of the body, such as internal organs, sensory organs, and limbs. Feet can be called the miniature of the body. Therefore, exercising and stimulating of legs and feet play a vital role in maintaining optimal health.

You can practice Meihua Zhuang at your own pace, slow or fast, depending on your level of fitness. During the process, you must move shoulders and arms, twist the waist and hips, swing legs and feet. By constant rotating towards right or left, you exercise the neck, the shoulder, the waist, the hip, the knee, the ankle, and all other joints. In addition, Meihua Zhuang can prevent and effectively treat many chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pains of the waist, the back and legs, cold feet, constipation, and prostatitis. As a form of wushu (martial art), Meihua Zhuang practice will improve balance, enhance the ability of defensive maneuvering, train agility and coordination of the body.

3. Special Features of Meihua Zhuang

Meihua Zhuang is an excellent exercise especially suitable for busy people. In recent reports on health, many health experts recommend fast walk as the best form of exercise. Meihua Zhuang may be considered a type of fast walk that also exercises the whole body from head to toe. Furthermore, it is convenient and time-saving with great health results. You sweat by just ten minutes of Meihua Zhuang practice, which is equivalent to one hour of fast walk. That is the unique feature of Meihua Zhuang. There are many ways to practice Meihua Zhuang. You can do it without any equipment, just with circular marks on the ground.

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